Go Meta url Shortener

Why this Go Meta Prime branded URL shortener?

The METAPRIME URL shortener at go.metaprime.at  can be used to create short URLs of  websites and Social Content that can be easily shared, saved, tweeted, Whatsapp  or send via Telegram to colleagues and friends.

The idea for a own short url come since Google close hist short url service goo.gl in march 2018.

The main focus was to make tool for social media content to share  media and video content easily and cross-sharable for all devices and platforms. Independent of the website and platform. Optimise there shareability and allow full screen view on mobile without any additional clicks. Have a easy and simple tool to overview how well content get accepted from the  audience beside share & likes.


  • Shorten your long URL, either to a random short sequential identifier, or to specific keyword you have chosen
  • Links can be created for Facebook Videos, Youtube Videos, Instagram Posts, Giphy Anim Gifs, Twitter Video Posts.
  • Supports Vertical Video and Square Videos
  • Explore statistics page with basic analytics information like number of clicks over time, origin, browsers, referring platforms
  • Simple Counter how many clicks content Url get.
  • Batch shorten many long links (available for Partners only)
  • An API to remote-control it (via Android App, Bookmarklet  and Google Chrome Extension)

Stuff to come

There are many more tasks that one could do with this Go Meta short url tool. Do you have an idea? Let us know. Here are couple of our ideas:

  • Provide user-specific accounts
  • Introduce a concept of private and public short URLs
  • Integrate with Google Analytics, to make the short URL click histories available in the Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Twitter Video Media Cards
  • View different time frames (2 hours, daily, weekly, monthly, all time)
  • Video Livestreams

Want to give it a try ?

Go Meta  reach Prime Time for your Meta Content