Software Frameworks Tools and awersom creativ libs

Some fantastic Web Software we work and learn with that make most things possible you see on the labs page . Extend them or build custom extensions. some recent work with following packages. Somehow also a reminder for myself as i cant remember names .

Full Credits and Links will be extendet

Facebook Sdk PHP

Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter APi

Twitteroauth  by Abrahm core for all twitter OPs

ThinkUp by by Gina Trapani

Tweetnest  by Andy Graulund

Youtube APi  Metashows Youtube mashup and shareable player

JQGRid & JQPHP Metagrid works with Tweetlogik and Facelogik is a Socail Data analyzing tool we build to measure social data custom data analizing bejond   Facebook insights and Twitter  APi data on a given topic location and Brand and where to take action in Time. Find relevant active follower hyper-local.

Google API SDK mostly Maps API Earth API a bit Google Contacts APi ,

MagpieRSS  reading Instagram RSS feed for the Metaplayers

Imagemagick Example used for B-day Filmslate Cards on Facebook

FFMPEG  Server side Video processing  Video2AnimGif , MP3 extr converting ect

Yahoo Pipes Pipes feed some visual apps and are a great prototype composition tool in Lego node style


Canvas Experiments and Manipulation

Javascript Libs 


RaphaelJS  vector graphics for the web Charts and much more SVG

Flash AS3 The Metaplayer Photo Player work in flash as they are the only way to share and embed into timeline at the moment all of them have a html5 fall back . MetaPlayer for Instagram Google+ and Pinterest. Share by Hashtag or user with  sound from Jamndo .Planed is a version that plays Fanpage Albums too. You can find demos on the . At the moment no public front end .

JW Player Developer for all video related stuff used as video share extension on our Blogs and also on the Metashows Video Mashup to share videos on Facebook with some extras like Tweet  Video Newsticker or custom Google Analytics code  to track video views in Real-Time inside social media on the Timeline.

For Record and Tracking of Developent Phases with our teams and clients we use Trello with some extensions to export and control .Local Development on MAMP.


For most coding we love Sublime Text 2 our every day tool

Just recently get dirty Fingers with

Hyperlaps.js  google Streetview timelaps video

Ccapture.js video recording from canvas

Lettering.js  Font animation paint on canvas

Names and Creator of the great javascript library and Tools will be extended soon.

Other media related Stuff 

A.L.I.C.E Pandora Chat Bots controlled Avatars SL  30min Humantalk

ZBrush 3D Texture work

Wirecast Lifestream  on Texture



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