How to hide long profile Description for mobile

To change Author Bio Box information for mobile and Desktop view we can add a simple media Css rule in our Theme Css for the Bio Section . This way we can have a long Bio for Desktop view and a decent short for the Mobile . Dont forget to allow html Tags in the Bio section like classes . That way we add in the Bio. If you have a custom CSS section in the Admin Option for your Theme you can add the Css there too or if any aktive plugin support adding custom css  . Better than changing your Theme Css is to build your personal Plugin that loads your custom css and JS files with your changes. This way any Theme update will not force you to repeat all changes.

Add in your Theme File

<p class=”author-biohide“> the extra long bio with additional links and Story </p>

Add to your custom CSS

@media screen and (max-width: 600px) {
  .author-biohide {
    display: none;
    clear: both;