Metacover Facebook Cover Editor

Metacover Editor is Social Facebook Cover Editor to edit your recent  Timeline Cover Photo and put some  beautiful Text on it with nice Fonts . Instant update without the need to open a Photo editor software or save and Upload you images.  additional it can publish your promotional Cover to Pinterest and Google+ . Free  Photo Text Editor to create cool timeline covers for your FB Fanpage and FB Profile.

The Idea behind is that Cover Photos are the most powerful Photo Content you have. Instead of placing just one for all time you should regularly change and update them. Like a Weekly Magazine and not like a Book one time Cover. Why ? Interaction Like Share on Fanpage Covers get sumarized more on a Blogpost shortly.

How it works All options are drag and drop .Take a Photo from the Background Gallery and drop it on the checkboard canvas . To edit your own connect with Facebook to load personal Cover to reedit and add Text on it when finshed click save .You will get redirected to your Cover to make the final repositioning and conform the edit.

Edit your Fanpage covers give permission by clicking on Load my Fanpage Covers, after that you can select your Fanpage where you want to publish your new cover. All Fanpage Covers get loaded in a extra scroller. Just drag and drop the one you would like to add Text on in. If you prefer to make a new one you can upload you custom photos that can be multiple PNG images too with transparency you can position them on the canvas .Elements like arrows signs and symbols can easy motivate your Fanbase to take the action you want.

Color to select your color there are two options first you can chose by the color wheel selector. Second  click in the picture to pic a color your want to fit the image. you still can use the color wheel to fine tune the Font color.

Position on top and right hand there are two slider to position your Text on the picture.

Publish : As you should be connected to Facebook you can publish the cover by clicking Save .wait 1-2 seconds before conforming the update. Button is to publish and make  your profile pic instead of Banner .

Planed Features : adding Masks ,Filters ,Light Effects to enhance Cover Photo quality

Known Bugs: Text will not instant update after Font change ,you need to type

Comment : Post into the comemnt  your Questions Ideas Problems or Prise  we will keep you update there and will try to inlclude your suggestions  feel free to email if you prefer at support{at}


Why you build These ? Because we need some Tools to update many Fanpages fast

When it will be final ? If we see it worth for other people to we will publish and extend a final version with nice UI ect .

Can i use it Mobile ? It works on a IPad screen for small mobile screen cover will not fit and also the app make not much sense .

How about the Cover size pixel ration ? Metacover Editor auto resize your Facebook covers to full size . As they should be already in the right format 851x315px . By uploading photos they have to fit or can be smaller if your compose a multi layer cover .

Tray out Metaeditor and leave some feedback